Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. Welcome to Bonum Terrae Website, www. bonumterrae.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). www.bonumterrae.com is an online shop that offers traditional Mediterranean Greek packaged food, cosmetics. The owner of this Website is the company under the name “BONUM TERRAE S.A.”, based at 38, Anastasiou Zinni str, Attiki PO 117 41 Greece, Tax Registration Number: 800373691, Tax Office: Fae Athinon, Tel: +30 210 92 27 752, email: info@bonumterrae.gr (hereinafter referred to as “bonumterrae.com”, “eshop”, "Bonum Terrae eshop", “we”, “us”, “company”), which is also the Website administrator.

1.2. Access to this Website and to the products and services offered through this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), the use of these as well as the execution of transactions are subject to these terms, conditions and notes (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). By browsing the Website and using the Services and/or proceeding to transactions of Products, you consent to the current Terms and Conditions in their entirety, as well as to their occasional updates, which govern the relationship between yourself and us. In case of disagreement or reservation on your part regarding part or all of the present terms you can contact our Customer Care Team through the Contact us section or send us a written letter to our address, before browsing or using the Services or realising a transaction. Otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional.

1.3. You should visit this page regularly to check for any changes made to the Terms and Conditions. Please note that any changes in terms do not refer to orders you have already placed, but are valid for the future. Our company reserves the right to amend, update or upgrade at any time, without prior notice to the user/consumer/visitor/member/buyer (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the user") of Bonum Terrae eshop (as a whole or on an either/or basis): a) part or the whole of these terms of use, b) part or the whole of Bonum Terrae eshop content and c) part or the whole of the exterior appearance (interface), the structure or composition (configuration) of Bonum Terrae eshop and its technical specifications, as well as limiting access to the entire website or part of it and/or part of it becoming available by subscription. The company also reserves the right at all times, without justification and without prior notice to Bonum Terrae eshop's user to cancel, suspend or terminate Bonum Terrae eshop operation. Access to this Website is allowed under the present terms and conditions and we reserve the right to remove or change the Services without prior notice.

1.4. This Website also contains links to other Websites, which are not operated by the eshop (the “Linked sites”). Eshop has no control over the Linked Sites, and does not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, legality, completeness or quality of their content and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may be caused by their use. Your use of the Linked Sites will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to each website.

2. Privacy policy

2.1. The company takes advantage of all the technical and organizational means in order to secure the privacy policy of those who use this website according to the Greek law.

2.2. The visitor or user of this website accepts and declares that: (a) When using the services that this website offers or when he/she makes any transaction with this website, he/she accepts that the company creates/processes (electronically or in written means) personal data files, which will include personal data and information that the visitor or user gives with his/her registration or transaction with the website. The personal data files will be saved by the company or/and the companies that cooperate with Bonum Terrae as auditors, for the sake of using its customers, promoting products and services or the support, the promotion and execution of the order/transaction. The company cooperates with payment services (for example credit card companies, banks, services like Paypal, transportation and courier companies etc), IT and domain hosting companies (host providers, backup services, database services) that are essential for the normal operation of the company or storing the data or service or serving the customers of the website. These providers have access to personal data, if necessary for the operation of their services. These providers are forced to use the personal data according to this current privacy policy declaration and the Greek laws regarding privacy policy. However, the company does not guarantee the security of the data that are being transmitted through the Internet or other networks. For this reason, access, surfing, or use of this website or registration as a user is considered as an inference of knowledge and consent of the acceptance of these terms and thus implies the acceptance and consent of every visitor or/and user to Bonum Terrae S.A. and the companies that cooperate with Bonum Terrae S.A. to save his/her personal data in a file that will be created according to N. 2472/1997, N. 2774/199 laws and the decisions and guidelines of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. (b) Personal data of the users that are being sent electronically in the website, will remain confidential, not being sent and shared to third parties. However, employees or partners of the company (people who are responsible for the data of the website) might have access to these personal data. (c) In any case, the visitor or/and user has the right to update, access the personal data file for changes/deletion of his/her personal data and denial of their processing according to articles 11 and 13 of the N. 2427/1997 law. (d) The company has the right to use some of the personal data of the visitor or/and user to send informational/advertisement material by Bonum Terrae, if the visitor or/and user has given his/her consent during access, navigation or/and use of the website. (e) The saved personal data and information can be shared to the appropriate legal authorities, police or other authorities after a legal request according to the Greek law.

3. Terms of Transaction

3.1. The commitment of pursuit created between the Company and the buyer through the online store, can be performed either in English or in Greek, depending on the buyer’s preference. The choice of language is based on the level of comprehension (written and spoken) and should be noted to the Company.

3.2. The buyer has the right to partially or completely withdraw from the sale of the goods within fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt of the goods either from the buyer or a third party, excluding the transporter. The buyer can withdraw from the sale by sending, within the predicted timeframe, either a completed form of withdrawal, or a letter where he/ she will explicitly and irrevocably state his/ her wish for withdrawal from the sale, as long as the reasoning does not coincide with the cases excluded by Law 2155/1994. The letter will be sent to the Company via post, fax or e- mail. The buyer can download the withdrawal form from the following link: withdrawal form. In the latter case, the company will timely and securely send the buyer a receipt confirmation of the request of withdrawal.

3.3. Requests for withdrawal with no reasoning are disallowed and the products that are excluded by law are those that by their nature are quick to expire, or fragile, products that for health reason and security cannot be returned and products that had their security seal broken following the delivery. Those products have been determined by law based on criteria such as their fragile nature, their vulnerability towards deterioration and the specified conservation conditions. Products excluded from the right of withdrawal.

3.4. The buyer who timely exercises the right of withdrawal, excluding the case mentioned in paragraph 3.3, is obliged to return the product to the Company within fourteen days, in the same condition he/she received it, in its original package intact, with the seal intact and the product unused, so that it can be used form another buyer. The buyer is also obliged to return all the documents that he/ she received and especially the retail receipt or he invoice. The buyer is charged with postage costs for the return of the product, once said product is no longer under the Company’s processing and has been sent to the buyer. If the products cannot be sent back by the most affordable means of delivery (e.g. postage), the buyer is charged with the expenses for the return method indicated, which has been estimated with the cost of the delivery.

3.5. Once the Company has established that the return process has been completed following all the requirements aforementioned, it returns the product’s price to the buyer, with no extra charges, within fourteen days from the day it is informed about the buyer’s request for withdrawal, or from the safe return of the product. The price return is performed with the same payment method used during the original transaction, unless special arrangements take place. In any other case the price is not returned and the product is collected by the buyer form the Company’s headquarter or is sent back to the buyer, who is charged with the expenses, after special arrangements.

3.6. The Company suggests and deduces that the buyer personally checks upon delivery the condition of the product and that the packaging is intact, in order to immediately confirm whether there is possible damage to the product or its packaging.

3.7. In the case of the product being returned due to proven fault of the product or proven inconsistencies between the products received and the products ordered, due to Company’s blame, said product, including the documents accompanying it, especially the retail receipt or the invoice, will be collected solemnly by the Company’s co-operating transporter or any other method suggested by the Company from the delivery address provided during the order.

3.8. If the price is returned through a third party payment service provider (e.g. paypal, credit card etc.) the Company is not responsible for any extra commission charges that may burden the buyer, according to said payment service provider’s terms and conditions of use. The Company is also not responsible for any payment delays, if it has given timely to its co- operating payment service providers the order for return of price.

4. Payment methods / Pricing policy

4.1. The available payment methods are: a) cash payment (or credit or prepaid card) in Bonum Terrae HQ (Anastasiou Zinni 38, 11741m Athens), b) payment on delivery (only in Attiki region, Greece), c) payment on the website with credit card (Alpha Bank service) d) deposit in the following Bank accounts of Bonum Terrae S.A.:

Alpha Bank: (SWIFT/BIC: CRBAGRAA) IBAN: GR96 0140 1490 1490 0232 0007 010

National Bank of Greece: (SWIFT / BIC: ETHNGRAA) IBAN: GR52 0110 8910 0000 8914 4010 934

4.2. Bonum Terrae has the right to change whenever it needs the prices of the products, without any previous warning of the visitors or/and users of the website. In general this happens for all the pricing/sales policy like sales, special offers etc.

4.3. Changing prices in products does not influence the orders that have been already placed in the website.

4.4. In case of a mistaken price in any of the products that the company sales in the website, the company will inform the customer about the corrected price and he/she will accept the order, or he/she will reject the order and the amount of the order will be returned to the customer if it has been already paid.

4.5. Payment can be done only in Euro. The transportation costs are not included in the price. These costs are added to the total amount of the order in the last step before placing the order to the website.

5. Delivery of the products

5.1. Information regarding the delivery of the products can be found under the Delivery Information link in the footer of this webpage. Visitors or/and users that navigate/use this website declare that they have read and accepted the delivery information given in this link.