Delivery Information

How can you receive our products?

i) You can reveice your order directly from the headquarters of our company (38 Anastasiou Zinni str & 85 Falirou str, Koukaki, 11741, Athens) from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00 or

ii) We can send you the order by either choosing one of the alternative options.

Depending on the weight and volume of your order you can send you our products:

a) with our own transportation means,

b) with post office service,

c) with a courier company,

d) with a transportation company, depending the final destination of the order.

The available delivery options are shown before completing the order in this website. The delivery cost is added to the total amount of the order and is to be paid by the customer. For orders that are to be delivered in Greece, when the total cost of the order (including the added VAT but not the transportation cost) is more than 60 Euros, there is a free delivery service.

In the case of not being able to deliver the order with the transportation option that was selected by the customer, the company contacts the customer in order to inform him/her and mutually agree a different transportation option. Any additional cost due to the change of the delivery service is to be paid by the customer. If there is no agreement, the order is cancelled and the amount is returned to the customer if it has been already paid. The receiver of the order has to sign the relative document showing that he/she have received the products of the order.