Traditional Rusks

Bonum Terrae has chosen its rusks to be made in Crete. The rusks constitute an integral part of the diet of the Greeks and particularly, of the nutritional tradition of the Cretan people.
Bonum Terrae offers Traditional Greek rusks without preservatives, with high content in edible fibers and low content in sugars. A variety of rusks, such as the classic "Kritharokouloura" PGI product for the famous Cretan "Dakos" salad, the tradtitional recipe of Kithira isl., mini barley rusks or larger rusks.

Rusks packaging

Barley rusks

Cretan rusks made of barley. We produce the traditional large Barley rusk roll ("Kritharokouloura"), which is the base for the famous Cretan "Dakos" salad, and the mini barley rusk roll ("kritharokoulouritsa"). Our Kritharokouloura rusk is certified as a Protected Geographic Indication product of Crete. We also have mini barley rusks.

Rusks with feta cheese

A Greek product from Crete - small rusks that contain the well-known Greek Feta cheese. Great flavours due to the sundried tomatoes.

Traditional rusks

Traditional Cretan oven rusks made of wheat flour with sourdough. One other traditional product are the rusks made according to a traditional recipe originated in Kithira island, and that contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Bread sticks

These bread sticks contain wheat flour and whole meal wheat flour. They are covered with tasty sunflour seeds.