Ground nuts

Our ground nuts are being caltivated in Northern Greece (in Ammoudia village). It is a tasteful variety that accompanies your food or your drink.
Bonum Terrae also produces natural peanut butter without any additives. Our ground nuts products have been awarded at the Great Taste Awards in London.

Ground nuts products

Natural Peanut Butter

Bonum Terrae produces completely natural Peanut Butter without any additives. Enjoy the taste of peanuts at its fullest in Ammoudia's Peanut Butter. Enjoy the crunchy taste of Ammoudia's Crunchy Peanut Butter. Bonum Terrae was awarded for the flavour of the Peanut Butter with honey at the Great Taste Awards contest, in London in 2014. Our new addition, Peanut Butter with chocolate!

Ammoudia's small Peanuts

At the plain of Serres in Northern Greece, a village near Kerkini Lake was named Ammoudia ("sandy") due to its uniquely sandy oil. This sandy substrate becomes fertile due to the Strymonas River and it considered ideal for the growing of Arachis hypogaea, a plant that gives us from its roots a special and tasty variety of peanut that is linked to the daily life of the village for decades. Our small Ammoudia's peanuts have been awarded for their distinct flavour at the Great Taste Awards in London in 2014.