Olives, the fruits of the olive trees.
Bonum Terrae produces and packages olives of different varieties. Kalamata olives, Chalkidiki olives, "Alatsolies" Cretan olives and "Argitiki" olives.

Olives packaging

Olives in vacuum

Large variety of 200 gr vacuum olives. Fourteen different products: Chalkidiki Olives, Chalkidiki Olives with thyme, Chalkidiki Olives with rosemary, Chalkidiki Olives with oregano, Kalamon Olives, Blonde engraved Olives, Alatsolies Cretan Olives, Chalkidiki pitted Olives, Chalkidiki Olives stuffed with pepper, Mix Chalkidiki-Kalamon Olives pitted, Black Chalkidiki Olives, Chalkidiki Olives stuffed with garlic, Chalkidiki Olives stuffed with almonds, Mix Chalkidiki-Blonde-Kalamon Olives.

Olives in plastic discs

Our Kalamon Olives are well preserved in plastic discs that keep them fresh and tasty. We have Kalamon Olives in Extra virgin olive oil and Kalamon Olives in brine and vinegar (180gr net weight). Our tastful Kalamon Olives in olive oil were awarded at the Great Taste Awards in London.

Olive spread

Olive Spread made of Kalamon Olives in Lakonia region of Peloponnese. A rich in flavours olive paste with herbs that accompanies well your starters.