Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most valuable goods produced in the Greek land.
In Bonum Terrae SA, people with long experience in the production and processing of olive oil and executives who are successful in other business sectors joined their forces to give a new impetus to the process of production and sales.
The vision of Bonum Terrae SA is a new business model that highlights the comparative advantages of the Greek olive oil through the creation of branded products with stable quality, that serve our modern nutritional needs and stand out for their flavor and aroma.

Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil in Bottles

Bonum Terrae produces and packages Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottles with different sizes. Extra virgin olive oil from Crete in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml dorica bottles.

Olive oil in metal tins

Bonum Terrae produces and packages Extra Virgin Olive Oil in metal tins with different/various sizes. The white design: 250 ml metal tin, 500 ml metal tin, 1 Lt metal tin, 5 Lt metal tin. And the black design: 90 ml metal tin, 250 ml metal tin, 500 ml metal tin, 1.5Lt metal tin.

Premium EVOO

Bonum Terrae Premium EVOO was awarded for its design (Gold Packaging Award in Mediterranean Elaiotechnia exhibition 2013, Athens) and for its taste in Great Taste Awards 2013, London. We have paid attention to every detail of this product. From the high quality and low acidity olive oil to the wooden engraved packaging.

Biodynamic - Organic Olive Oil

Bonum Terrae also produces organic extra virgin olive oil from Messara region in Heraklion Crete in 500ml bottles. Cultivating in natural ways so as to produce this high quality product as the nature intends. Certified by DIO Greece.

Bonum Terrae also produces biodynamic Extra virgin olive oil. Biodynamic agriculture does not use any chemical substances during the cultivation of the olive trees for the purpose of fertilization and plant protection. Instead, only natural compost made out of manure is used. For the production of this extra virgin olive oil, pruning, ploughing, and all the agricultural practices, are applied at the most efficient moment, based on a calendar that takes into account the position of the Moon that effects the flow of Earth’s fluids (like the phenomenon of tide). Immediate pressing of the olive wrist after harvest, production of olive oil at the olive press with the method of cold extraction and compliance with the strict rules of biodynamic agriculture of Demeter's standard, from cultivation to storage, ensure the top quality and organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil and promote sustainable farming.