• "Pasiphaë" gift box

Our big wooden luxury gift box with amazing Greek products:

Aged Tsipouro - Markogianni winery : Paleo Tsipouro Markogianni is made by distilling marcs, mainly from the Roditis varieties, Mavroudi and Asproudes. The slow distillation and aging for 22 months in oak barrels give a rich and aromatic distillate that combines the sweet and spicy aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and tobacco with those of dried fruits and caramel.  Aged Tsipouro from Markogianni Winery has a deep golden color with amber highlights. Impressive aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nuts, tobacco, cigar, toast, caramel, orange jam, raisin, dried apricot. In the mouth it has a rich body with aromas of orange peel, raisin, honeycomb, vanilla, cinnamon, oak, tobacco, chocolate, hazelnut and caramel.

Organic Dried figs from Kimi PDO : These organic figs are cultivated in Kymi region, which is famous for its delicate figs. They have delicate skin and fluffy, soft texture and they are full of aromas and tastes from local herbs. Figs are a healing fruit and the health benefits of eating figs are amazing. They are an excellent source of minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber.  They comprise an authentic superfood, and these are the most juicy, aromatic and delicious fig that you have ever tasted!  They are unsulphured, without preservatives or chemical fertilizers.. 

Black Truffle oil 250ml : Greek, authentic, high quality extra virgin olive oil from Crete infused with Black Truffle aroma from Evia isl. Its taste is soft and mild, its smell is strong and resembles of garlic.  Some drops might be enough to give the discrete aroma of truffle in your plate. Black truffle oil is an exceptional delicacy and can be used in gourmet recipes or everyday dishes like pasta, pizza etc.

Kalamon olives paste : The olive paste is made from delicious Kalamon olives, produced in Peloponnese. It is a unique and versatile product that can transform any of your culinary creations. We suggest you serve it as a starter, accompanied with some bread sticks and enjoy its rich flavor to the fullest..

Artichoke spread  : Artichoke hearts  cooked with traditional recipe with dill and Greek extra virgin olive oil. Ιt can be spread on toasted bread, it is combined with fish or meat, with soft fresh cheese and cold cuts.

Roasted pepper and feta cheese spread : A paste with traditional and recognizable Greek flavors. The roasted red peppers and the feta cheese balance perfectly each other out in a versatile product. Enjoy it straight from the jar, spread upon some bread or in sandwiches. Alternatively you can use it in different sauces ion order to give them a more unique taste.

Mustard with black truffle : Homemade mustard with Greek wild black truffles is an explosion of aromas. It can turn simple everyday dishes into dishes of high gastronomic value. Enjoy it in boiled potato , boiled egg or omelettes , in grilled meats and grilled ribs. Combine it in various recipes for white sauces and dressings.

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"Pasiphaë" gift box

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