About Us

Bonum Terrae stands for Earth's goods.

The extra virgin olive oil is one of the most valuable goods produced in the Greek land.The vision of Bonum Terrae SA is a new business model that highlights the comparative advantages of the Greek olive oil through the creation of branded products with stable quality, that serve our modern nutritional needs and stand out for their flavor and aroma.

Bonum Terrae S.A. is a Greek foodstuff company, specialised in the trade of traditional quality food products. Bonum Terrae SA, in order to have the absolute quality control, selects olive oil products and other foodstuff that are declared as Protected Designation of Origin [PDO]. The PDO certification determines all the production procedures, from the olive wrist to its final packaging, to be set in the region of production and to comply with strict standards and absolute traceability. In that way, we ensure the top quality of our products that are offered in abundance by the Greek land and constitute the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. Our products have been awarded in International and Greek competitions for their taste and design.

Bonum Terrae have sent its products in many markets worldwide such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Dubai, Germany, Romania, France etc. You can also find our products in Greek delicatessen stores and in the Bonum Terrae shop in Zinni 38, Athens (near Syggrou Fix metro station) in Greece.

After many requests from our customer in Greece and in other places, we decided to develop this e-shop in order for our customers to reach our tasteful products more easily. Taste Greece!